“Entertainment with
Characters who have Character!”




Affies4Kids is now on Public Television!

Affies4Kids is Entertainment with Characters who have Character! Our mission is to teach the language of positive self-talk to children everywhere. We are excited to announce the launch of our Free Preschool Content on public television member station KUED PBS in Salt Lake City! Our music and audiobook videos present children’s affirmations in a fun and easy five minute a day program that we are sure you will love. 

Affies4Kids is an easy to use on-line program for young children to engage with Characters who have Character through the use of Children’s Affirmations. We’ve strived to keep our program simple. Watch the Audiobook Videos first and reinforce the stories with the Songbook Videos. Parents tell us that the short videos spark terrific conversations with their young kids on what it means to have a solid character. Traits such as I Am Kind, I Am a Good Listener, I Am Good at Sharing, I Take Turns, and more, become part of their inner monologue. Affies4Kids believes that children who listen to a positive inner-voice are more optimistic and are more likely to develop an open mindset; building blocks to help a child flourish.

Affies (children’s Affirmations) are fun! Watch what happens as your child begins to use positive self-talk. They’ll soon listen to their very own capable, resilient voice while being Entertained by Characters who have Character!

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Why Affies4Kids?

Affies4Kids believes every child deserves a happy, flourishing life, one filled with success and gratitude.

What is Affies4Kids Core Belief?

Affies4Kids believes that THE KEY for a child to live a flourishing life is developing a habit of positive self-talk.

What is Affies4Kids Dream?

Our dream is for every preschooler to say their Affies every day. Our videos will entertain them and build character at the same time!


  • "I am a daycare provider. We use Affies4Kids lesson plans everyday and we love them!"
    Janet R.
  • "Our morning routine is easier now that we watch an Affies4Kids video while eating our cereal. You've go to try this!"
  • "What I like the most about Affies4Kids is how engaged my preschooler is. At 5 minutes, they easily fit into my schedule."
  • "We just started watching Affies and my four year old daughter LOVES it.  The stories and songs are wonderful and the messages are exactly what you want to send your child out into the world with every day. We look forward to our 5 minutes each morning where together, we're learning the importance of positive self-talk."